As Software Engineer at Kapitus, you will be working with other developers to design well-crafted software. If you are someone who believes in TDD, clean code, and agile engineering practices, please keep reading. Your contributions will empower Kapitus to continue helping small business owners find lending options so they can make payroll during tough times, scale to meet market demands, and making large purchases to scale their operations.

What You’ll Do:

This role will give you endless opportunities to take on new responsibilities, learn new skills, and mentor others. Your teammates will be in NYC, DC, and Columbus OH, with stakeholders in Chennai.

  • Design, code, and test software that makes you proud enough to contribute to our ever-growing wiki.
  • Build a deep understanding of our current infrastructure and help us find ways to make it better.
  • Partner with other developers to help find solutions for technical problems they are facing.
  • Advocate for agile engineering practices and DevOps mindset that will help raise the bar for our software

About You:

You are an internally motivated software engineer, extensibility and maintainability are firmly rooted in the way you think and work. Passion for your craft will go a long way in making you successful in this role.

  • Clean code is important to you. You’ve likely given copies of Uncle Bob’s books to those you care about during the holiday season.
  • The first time you stood up a CI/CD pipeline, committed code, and saw a Jenkins notification come through that said “SUCCESS” was one of the greatest moments of your life.
  • You write great tests. Not tests for the sake of tests, but tests that help your team think through code design and protect themselves from regression so they can ultimately move faster.
  • The thought of inherit ambiguity and solving complex problems genuinely excites you. You have an experimental mindset that spurs you to test ideas and validate assumptions using data.
  • You are involved in the local development community and find meetups oddly therapeutic. You love learning and are constantly working to keep your skills up to date.
  • There is an entrepreneurial spark that drives you to design and develop great products. You understand that for software to be successful, it has to meet real needs and drive meaningful business value.
  • You have great communication and collaboration skills, an innate sense of curiosity, and an obsession with delivering products that bring end-users joy.
  • There is a good chance that you’ve got a repo or two on GitHub that we should check out


  • BS or MS degree in Computer Science or equivalent experience, Minimum 7 years work experience (9+ desirable)
  • Experience building modern systems in AWS (Enterprise level using serverless desired)
  • Software craftsmanship and Agile proponent that embraces Test Driven Development
  • Hands on keyboard engineer that is passionate about solving complicated engineering problems with code
  • Heavy experience using JS preferably utilizing React

About Us:

Kapitus is one of the most reliable and respected names in small business financing. As both a direct lender and a marketplace built with a trusted network of lending partners, we can provide small businesses the financing they need, when and how it is needed.

We’ve spent the past 15 years building a culture that makes us excited to come to work in the morning. Our company is fast paced, teammates need to be self-directed and have an internal motivation to do the right thing, even when the right thing takes a lot of hard work.

We show our teammates our appreciation by offering great benefits, competitive pay, and solid opportunity for growth.